The most advanced
sustainability standards

Geogreen: a group that protects the environment
Il gruppo Geogreen opera secondo i più avanzati standard di sostenibilità
The Geogreen group has always been attentive to protecting the environment, particularly water, as it is a key resource for its activities, and operates according to the most advanced sustainability standards.
First and foremost, through precise, real-time monitoring of all of the parameters of its hydroelectric power plants, it can immediately become aware of any anomalies and intervene swiftly.
Second of all, it pays special attention to biodiversity, particularly fish fauna, which are protected according to current legislation.
In consideration of the fact that the plants are near certain population centres in Valseriana, Geogreen promotes guided visits to the power plants for students and the local population, independently or in collaboration with RadiciGroup.
The company is also open to dialogue and participates in public meetings to spread awareness of responsible water use.