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Geogreen, an Italian Group founded in 2000 as a single energy supplier for RadiciGroup, with its companies GeoEnergie S.p.A. and Geogreen S.p.A., is now one of the most qualified suppliers of an integrated system of products and services: from Electricity and Natural Gas supply to the production of Hydroelectric and Thermoelectric Energy from Cogeneration, to the development of projects and specific activities in the Renewable Energy sector.


It is also able to offer consulting services such as the management and promotion of initiatives for energy savings; management of CO2 emissions trading; trading of energy efficiency credits (white certificates) and Guarantees of Origin for Plants supplied with Renewable Energy Sources (GO), and related management of needs; as well as the identification of the best electricity and gas supply proposals.

The group also operates on the Italian Power Exchange and in electricity and natural gas trading and sales.

Plus, Geogreen is able to promptly notify companies of the latest updates to legislation, evaluate savings opportunities, optimise operation of plants from the economic and environmental point of view, and analyse the feasibility of new production plants or the improvement of existing ones.


Geogreen is a single partner, able to meet the needs of its client companies, in harmony with the evolution of the industrial world. A player able to offer a complete range of services, with the best cost to quality ratio and fully respecting the environment. A solid, agile, and flexible group, focused on continual improvement and perfecting its products and services.

Geogreen servizi

The energy produced comes from hydroelectric power plants and cogeneration combined-cycle turbogas/steam thermoelectric power plants.


Through GeoEnergie S.p.A., Geogreen is active as a wholesaler on the Italian electricity market, taking care of trading and sales of electricity for businesses.


It is also operational in the Italian Power Exchange. Special relationships with major European producers and traders allow us to offer competitive prices.


Thanks to the procurement portfolio from hydroelectric plants (small hydro) owned by Geogreen S.p.A., GeoEnergie S.p.A. makes it possible for its clientele to certify that the energy consumed is from a renewable source. This certification calls for the cancellation of a number of GO (Guarantees of Origin for Plants supplied with Renewable Energy Sources) equal to the amount of electricity provided to be certified through the process managed by GSE (Gestore dei Servizi Energetici or Energy Services Manager).


A particularly significant example of this is represented by the certified hydroelectric energy supply to the RadiciGroup production plants.

This attention to renewable sources can also be seen in the composition of the energy mix used for the production of electricity sold by GeoEnergie S.p.A..

Finally, the experience acquired in the industry and the willingness to continue along the path of using energy from renewable sources is further shown in the development of new activities in the Renewable Energy sector.



GeoEnergie S.p.A. is a wholesaler in the Italian natural gas market. As a company authorised to sell to end customers, it is involved in the procurement, trading, and marketing of natural gas to industrial customers.

Through the ownership of transport capacity on pipelines that import gas into Italy and special relationships with major Italian and European traders, it is also able to purchase gas abroad and offer its customers competitive prices.


Geogreen offers companies more than just electricity and gas. Through GeoEnergie S.p.A., it offers information and consulting services:


  • promptly notifying companies of the latest updates in industry legislation;
  • analysing the feasibility of new production plants or improvements of existing ones;
  • optimising the operation of plants from the economic and environmental point of view;
  • identifying the best electricity and gas supply proposals, evaluating saving opportunities;
  • promoting initiatives aimed at energy savings;
  • managing the needs and trading of Energy Efficiency Credits (White Certificates) and Guarantees of Origin for Plants supplied with Renewable Energy Sources (GO);
  • supporting and coordinating the relationships of its electricity producing customers with the organisations involved in managing the plants they own;
  • supervising the activities for obtaining incentives from renewable sources and the correct supply by GSE (Gestore dei Servizi Energetici or Energy Services Manager);
  • coordinating "Emissions Trading" activities, the CO2 emission allowances exchange system.
Geogreen also offers…


Geogreen SpA is directly involved in managing hydroelectric power plants owned by its customer companies, offering its know-how and a series of services:


  • production monitoring;
  • routine maintenance;
  • prompt restarts in the event of a shutdown due to failure or protective measures;
  • internal and external cleaning of machinery;
  • repairs to hydraulic machinery (turbines, separators, etc.) and electrical systems;
  • software modifications;
  • search for improvement solutions and production optimisation.


Geogreen S.p.A. makes its experience in the creation and management of "cogeneration" plants available to its customers.
Impianti energetici Geogreen e Geoenergie